Worship with us during October

What in the world is going on?  Every time I turn on the news, or scroll through an article on the internet, there is another shooting, another flood or impending weather disaster.  Earthquakes in other countries or even in other states barely register on our personal Richter Scales.  Wars and political instability in other countries have become routine.  Yet people are dying – needlessly.  Here in the US, we are facing national, state and local elections. Regardless of who gets elected, many are convinced that we are doomed as a nation.  Closer to home, many of us have loved ones who are sick, dying, or making life choices that grieve us.  It never seems to end.

How do we breathe a word of hope in the midst of all this? How do we get back up on our feet and begin the painful process of rebuilding our lives?  These are questions for every age, questions that our sacred texts speak to with both challenge and encouragement.  We will mourn, we will lament, we will look for ways to cope, and we will hear God’s words of promise and hope in the midst of work and waiting.

from Pastor Carole


United Methodist Church in Johnson City, TN

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