Worship with us October 23, 2016

worship_7818c-small◊ Scripture – Joel 2:23-32

◊ Message – Promises, Promises

◊ Joel’s prophecy is thought to date around 500-350 BC.  He is speaking a word forward to a time when the Babylonian invasion and exile would be over and returning exiles would need reassurance of God’s provision as they sought to rebuild from the ruins.  Joel calls God’s people to return to the Lord with weeping and with mourning, with fasting and with prayer.  It must have been hard for those folks to imagine that one day their world would be made right again – not like it was before, but their lives in God would be restored.  It’s hard for us when disaster is visited upon our lives.  We want to offer words of comfort, but we end up tongue-tied, tripping up and saying the wrong things.  Joel gives us words, beautiful words of God’s mercy and God’s promise for the future.  It is hard to hold on to a promise in the midst of a crisis; know this – we serve a promise-keeping God.  In God’s perfect time.  Come this Sunday as we look at how we are to live in the meanwhile.


United Methodist Church in Johnson City, TN

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