Worship with us August 6, 2017

sunflower_16093c◊ 9th Sunday after Pentecost

◊ Holy Communion

◊ Matthew 14: 13-21

◊ Message – Praying through Struggles

◊ Jesus withdrew to be by himself to grieve over the death of John the Baptist, Matthew tells us.  But the crowds followed him anyway.  In the midst of his sorrow, he still had compassion on them and healed them.  The disciples, who thought they were being helpful, and more than a little practical, suggested that Jesus should send the crowds away to get food for themselves.  Jesus turned it back on them and said, “You feed them.”  Today, we still struggle with the reality that many people are hungry, right here around us.  How can that be?  And what is Jesus asking us to do?  Come this Sunday as we wrestle with what we see as too little and God sees as abundance.  We will also gather around the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion.


United Methodist Church in Johnson City, TN

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